S16: Trade Facilitation Schemes in the Digital Era: A Women’s Perspective
Organizer: Asociación de Mujeres Aduaneras, A.C
Public Tuesday September, 29 17:00 — 18:30 (90m)
Digital Trade 123
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The COVID-19 crisis has simultaneously fostered e-commerce and highlighted the significant remaining challenges to its potential. Now more than ever, authorities and economic operators must develop and implement initiatives to expedite the accessibility and proliferation of digitally facilitated trade, and the WTO remains the natural global forum for a multilateral discussion of these objectives.

This session will explore the perspective of Latin American women trade practitioners and customs officials in the field of e-commerce. It will look at practical schemes implemented in the region and highlight what others can learn from their successes and challenges. Specifically, it will examine the intersection of trade, gender and electronic commerce.

Participation in trade suffers from the same gender disparities which exist across many realms of activity. This session will highlight the potential of more inclusive e-commerce enabling policy design for fueling global economic growth.

Key questions

  1. How can WTO Members, particularly Latin American countries, encourage the inclusion of women in trade and customs policy discussions to incentivize inclusive proposals on trade facilitation reform?
  2. What types of trade facilitation schemes with a risk management component are suitable to expedite importation of goods through e-commerce?
  3. What type of disruptive technology should be used to facilitate e-commerce?
  4. How can WTO Members benefit from best practices under the World Customs Organization?

In the second portion of the session, the floor will open for a moderated audience discussion guided by the questions:

  1. What types of trade facilitation schemes can be incorporated to recover from the COVID-19 crisis?
  2. What are the main trade facilitation challenges for the Latin American region, including women’s economic empowerment?


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Organizer: Asociación de Mujeres Aduaneras, A.C
Public Tuesday September, 29 17:00 — 18:30 (90m)
Digital Trade 123