Side Event: 6th Geneva Business Dialogue – The Role of Multinationals in the Economic Recovery
Organizer: ICC Switzerland
Public Wednesday September, 30
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How can Multinationals support the economic recovery after COVID-19? 

ICC Switzerland, in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC Headquarters), proposes an early evening session on the contribution of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the economic recovery after the pandemic crisis. Taking place alongside Geneva Trade Week, this evening session will draw on the specific themes of the Graduate Institute’s weeklong event. These include a focus on trade and commerce as drivers of economic renewal, digital trade and the future of work in a post-COVID-19 era. 

The discussions will have as main objectives spotlighting: 

  1. How best practices of MNEs contribute in remaining resilient during the pandemic, from protecting supply chains from disruption to guaranteeing job security.
  2. Which Companies long-term plans help to reset and rebuild in the coming year, which shall be the use of innovation and new technologies to do so.
  3. What should be the role of partnerships, namely with international organizations, and the ability of the private sector to work effectively with governments to encourage the right fiscal, trade and regulatory policies necessary in view of outpacing a long-lasting global recession.

The panel presentation might touch among others following thorny questions: 

  • What should be the role of MNEs in supporting the economic system?
  • By which practices did MNEs ensure long-term resilience for both its workforce and its sector during the pandemic?
  • Will these polices remain in place in the future?
  • How are MNEs reinventing themselves to be more agile and consumer-focused and what will be the effect on small and medium sized partners in the supply chain?
  • How are new technologies and digital platforms reshaping the way we work?
  • Is there a need for new regulation?
  • How can international organizations support MNEs’ contribution to economic recovery?
  • How are MNEs responding to the specific needs of workers and partners who might require particular attention during this time and who faced already difficulties before COVID-19?
  • How are MNEs continuing to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this new environment?

Note: This event is occurring on the margins of Geneva Trade Week and is not part of the formal program organized by the Geneva Trade Platform. 

Organizer: ICC Switzerland
Public Wednesday September, 30